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Enrico and Mirna review

(Occhibello Rovigo)

5 stars are not enough to describe how happy and satisfied we are about Athena’s service. Real attentive and accurate professionals, but above all wonderful people with whom we have a beautiful bond! Having your dog on the wedding day is a priceless experience that Barbara and her staff have been able to manage at the very best! Everything was perfect and the guests really enjoyed the presence of our Misha! Misha herself was quiet, pampered and relaxed and spent the whole day in total serenity thanks to Barbara’s attentions. Beautiful and original the idea of photos and videos made from the perspective of the dog, a special memory that will remain forever! In short, we knew that entrusting us to Athena we would be in good hands, but they far exceeded our expectations!

Claudia and Mara review


A wonderful team made up of wonderful people who do their job with an enviable passion. They were fantastic in all respects, especially in managing our terrified Becks. They made our day MAGIC because without our furry friend we would not have faced such an important step with the serenity we had. We have been supported, helped, and managed during the preparations. It is impossible to not be attached to Barbara for the passion, professionalism and seriousness with which she faces the most important day of your married life. With her you do not just create a relationship of work, you do create a bond of friendship that, I am sure, it will last over time. Athena was the added value of our marriage. Thank you so much guys !!!