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Barbara’s role is to prevent your four-legged friend from being left in a boarding house or at home, but making it participate in your ceremony without committing friends or relatives. It will be entrusted to experienced people with a specific professionalism in the management of the dog and its well-being during the marriage. Your faithful four-legged friend will participate in a passive or active way: The passive way will make it a spectator as the guest of honor of the most beautiful day of your life; in the active way, however, it will be involved in different situations. Can you imagine the tail of your dog wagging its tail as it approaches you to deliver the wedding rings !!! ??? !!! Believe me, a truly unique emotion for you and for all the guests present.

In all the marriage services that Barbara did , she has established that not only the bride and groom were happy for the presence of their dog during the entire wedding event, but also the guests! In fact, the dog of the couple, is the guest of honor that all those present will love!

* The service has insurance coverage on the dog about any damage caused by it.

The service

during the wedding’s day

Some time earlier , Barbara will go to the house of the four -legged friend, in order to get to know each other and to create the necessary affinity. On the wedding day at the appointed time, she will present herself at the newlyweds’ house for taking care of the dog, avoiding altering his emotional state caused by the preparations and the influx of people at home. As everyone knows, the moment of the bride’s dressing is the most delicate one. During the celebration your faithful friend will be able to bring you the wedding’s rings, or wait for you outside of the Church or the Town Hall ready to celebrate your exit. Then it could pose with you in the many pictures taken by our Pet Photography, with the addition of the video from the point of view of the dog (a real treat!), or it could wait directly at the location. The dog could celebrate and have fun with his owners in peace, knowing that it is entrusted to people with approved theoretical and practical experience in the management of the dog. People that will think of its well-being all the time.
The wedding dog sitter service offers the opportunity for the spouses to be serene by seeing their dog present at the wedding.

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The accessories

The accessories used by the dog are made with the collaboration of an atelier of wedding dresses, all customized, handmade entirely and made to fit your dog perfecly. They can be combined with the theme of the wedding, or with the color of the bride’s dress. In addition, we also take into account the color of the dog’s coat because everything must be harmonious, being a wedding service.

For those who would request it, we will make the personalized ring holder, otherwise we will do it simply in white or ivory, which you will use if you want to have the wedding’s rings delivered by your faithful four-legged friend.

Our priority is the well-being of the dog, so every accessory will be created in good taste and elegance, enhancing the appearance of our four-legged friend.

Photos and video

Video Makers & Pet Photographer

Throughout the event we will make high definition videos and photos according to the dog’s point of view; an exclusive service that can only be done with the help of the trainer who awith her expertise will lead the dog in order to produce unique and exclusive photographic shots. Everything will be uploaded on a usb key.

To have priority on our service, we advise you to get in touch as soon as possible



What is the service?

The service purpose is make the dog of the spouses partecipates at the wedding event, ensuring a professional management of it because it is entrusted to people with proven practical and theoretical experience on the welfare of the dog, allowing the spouses to spend a peaceful wedding day.

How far in advance should I contact you?

As soon as possible to book the wedding date and set the first cognitive meeting with the dog in its home environment.

How do you work?

We work with discretion and in total safety, always respecting the well-being of the dog without ever subjecting it to emotional stress.

Why we should choose you?

Barbara and her cooperators have years of experience in the dog Expertise field, they know how to relate themselves to the dog without constraints and managing to get in tune with it already from the first meeting. For them, more than a job, it is a real passion that they manage to convey to both the dog and the spouses.

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